Causes leading to MDR/RR-TB at retreatment

The interface below allows quantification of the respective contributions of the different causes leading to MDR/RR-TB at retreatment. The model used to estimate these contributions is presented in details in the following article:
High rates of multidrug-resistant and rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis among re-treatment cases: where do they come from?
Ragonnet R, Trauer JM, Denholm JT, Marais BJ, McBryde ES.
BMC Infect Dis. 2017
The model simulates progression between the different stages of disease and treatment for patients diagnosed with TB. It allows quantification of the contribution of four different causes leading to MDR/RR-TB at retreatment:
  • initial drug-susceptible TB with resistance amplification during treatment
  • initial MDR/RR-TB inappropriately treated as drug-susceptible TB
  • MDR/RR-TB relapse despite appropriate treatment
  • re-infection with MDR/RR-TB
Using the interface below, you can select the area to which the model applies. Calculation will be performed using the default parameter values that were estimated from WHO data (see article for full details). These values can be modified using the different sliders from the Inputs panel. The Model Outputs will be updated accordingly in real time.

All the model outputs presented on this page can be exported into PDF documents. They will contain the estimates associated with the parameterisation specified by the user.


WHO region    Country    None
Parameter values (area-specific)
Will affect the "Model Outputs" panel when updated.
Epidemiological background:
TB incidence (/100,000/y) XX
% of MDR/RR-TB among new TB-cases XX
Drug sensitivity testing:
Drug sensitivity testing coverage in new TB-cases (%) XX
Proportion of detected MDR/RR-TB cases that start on second-line regimen (%) XX
Treatment outcomes:
Treatment success rates for new DS-TB cases (%) XX
Death proportion during treatment for DS-TB patients (%) XX
Treatment success rates for MDR/RR-TB cases (%) XX
Death proportion during treatment for MDR/RR-TB (%) XX

Global parameters (all areas)
Will affect the "Model Outputs" panel and the map below when updated.
Treatment success rate for MDR/RR-TB treated with first-line regimen (%) XX
Risk of drug-resistance amplification for a DS-TB patient failing therapy (%) XX

Model Outputs

Cumulative burden of MDR/RR-TB among retreatment cases:

Mapping of the model outputs

The map below offers spatial representations of the model outputs at the country level. The indicator to be displayed can be selected below map. The map is automatically updated when the value of one of the two global parameters is modified from the Inputs panel.


Model output displayed on the map:
Resistance amplification during primary treatment
Initial MDR/RR-TB treated as DS-TB
Failure of 2nd line regimen
Reinfection with MDR/RR-TB
Leading cause of MDR/RR-TB at retreatment
Cumulative burden of MDR/RR-TB at retreatment
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